Our Work

Gerding Enterprises is committed to superior craftsmanship and timely delivery that exceeds customer expectations. Below are some examples of our premier projects.


F-18 External Fuel Tank Test Set

This test set is used to prove the functionality of the F-18 external fuel tank. Gerding not only fabricated complete per print, but successfully completed the ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure). This assembly ensures the safety and functionality of the fuel tank for the pilot and flight crew.


H.A.L.E. Aircraft Project

The High Altitude Long Endurance (H.A.L.E.) project is a Boeing program which gave birth to the Phantom Eye. Gerding was instrumental in designing, fabricating and proving out the prototype launch cart as well as various parts throughout the aircraft.

Read more details about this project here.


QF-16 Ground Screen

Gerding was contracted to fabricate this Ground Screen to help protect the ground crew as they prep the QF-16 for unmanned flight. In order to configure the electronics, the ground crew must work in and around the aircraft while the engine is under power. This cart allows the ground crew to do that with complete assurance that they will not be injured by the aircraft’s engine intake.


Puerto Rican Lottery Machine

The Puerto Rican government contracted Gerding Enterprises to design and fabricate a national lottery machine. Charles, Sr. and Jr. worked around the clock to exceed the Puerto Ricans' high expectations. The machine is still in use to this day.


Apache Flight Simulators

Gerding fabricates these flight simulators from the ground up to be an exact replica of the cockpit of an apache helicopter. We also have experience in many other types of simulators.


Who We Work With

  • Donaldson
  • Boeing
  • L3
  • NASA
  • Essex Industries
  • Hubbell
  • Textron
  • Saint Louis University
  • Missouri Metals
  • Lockheed Martin