Our Capabilities

Gerding Enterprises has been in the aerospace industry and family owned for over 60 years and has produced parts and assemblies for F15, F18, C17 and parts on satellites to a complete Lottery Machine for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Gerding Enterprises is known throughout the country for its welding skills with certification to tig and mig, welding steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium, also certified to AWS D17.1 weld specification.

Our capabilities include:

Inspection is handled by one of the largest CMM inspection machines in the Midwest and a Faro Arm can be bolted to any machine for inspecting the item while still on the machine.


Equipment List


Five Axis Machining

Using Mastercam and our state of the art five and four axis CNC machining centers, we are able to take any 3D model and machine it into a finished part.



We are known worldwide for our proprietary welding processes, which allow us to weld all types of exotic metals in various applications.



Spinning is a process that allows us to form diverse types of metal into countless shapes and sizes for almost any application. We spin parts for everything from lighting fixtures to aircraft engine cowlings.



Our world class FOD free assembly area allows the skilled team to take on any size job, large or small. From wet installing rivets and nut plates to fabricating flight simulators, we've done it all.


  • laser tracker

Inspection Reports & Reverse Engineering

Using the latest state of the art inspection devices we are able to generate inspection reports, first article reports, and even reverse engineer the most complicated of parts. Using Mastercam and Verisurf we are “Digital Product Definition” approved so we are able to interpret and analyze any model all the way from design to part completion.