Giving back to the community

GEI and the Gerding family is so grateful to the St. Louis area that we are always looking for ways to give back to the community. We participate in local charities for the Lions Club, VFW, Backstoppers and the AMVETS. We also take great pride in our American heritage and have sponsored numerous Marine & Army Divisions in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Benenfit for Backstoppers

Gerding is proud to back First Responders and our Military. We do an annual Benefit for Backstoppers and in 2019 after the Blues season we witnessed, we engineered and built a Tribute Trophy and raffled it at our benefit on September 21, 2019 and raised over $11,000 for it. We are very proud of our Aerospace heritage and the support we’ve had over the years and through that we try to give back to our community and heroes.

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America Strong

Gerding Enterprises, Inc. is a family owned business in the Aerospace Industry since 1960, we have 27 dedicated employees. Our company is very proud of our craftsmanship and quality in the Aerospace and Defense Industry. We wanted to do a shoutout to all the American heroes in the Medical Field, First Responders and the Military and everybody else doing their part to keep America up and running. Just as before with Pearl Harbor and more recently 9/11 these true Patriots are risking their lives to fight this deadly enemy of mankind every day. There is not enough that can be said or done for their true courage in this new fight but as always, in the past battles against us we will persevere because of this American Spirit and true grit that founded and carried this country through our history. Please note a heartfelt thank you from us and all of our crew to all of you. We know soon, with the huge effort that your are putting into this we will return to all our freedom’s and normalcy that makes this country great. Thank you again and God Bless and be safe.